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Behind this site there’s a team who has worked for 18 years with all types of rare and valuable coins. With an extensive experience in the numismatic field, this professionals will help collectors of rare coins to value their collection.

We do all kinds of coin restoration processes, from holes, cuts, wear, corrosion, welding,…restoring their original shape.

If you have damaged rare coins or other antiques talk to us without commitment. We have restored all kinds of ancient coins, from the Romanesque, medieval coins from manual minting to the latest mechanical coinage, and from all kinds of materials, gold, silver, copper, bronze …

The numismatic branch is characterized by having several intermediate agents in the process, such is not the case with NumiFix, where you will speak directly with the artisan without intermediary agents, thus guaranteeing total confidentiality in the works carried out.

Value your rare coins collection with the original shape while keeping its story.
NumiFix offers you a practical solution for the restoration of rare coins that you want to put to auction, which in some way are damaged and consequently devalued, restoring their original value and making a profit in the process.
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